Company History

History of IN-NATURE dating back to 2019

History of IN-NATURE dating back to 2019

03~05. 2023

Invested by Korea Science & Technology holdings
Invested by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

07. 2022

Supplied ITO films for chromic films targeting Samsung
Signed MOU of ITO films for satellites

05. 2021

Developed a barrier film - Managed by small/medium/long companies

11. 2020

Developed light control films

12. 2019

Conducted window film OEM

08. 2019

Corporated IN-NATURE

2023. 06

Moved the factory to Daedeok-gu, Daejeon

Developed a large-sized exothermal film (1.8m)

2022. 10

Developed IR Stealth heat shielding film

2022. 05

Selected as a R&D project of INNOPOLIS

(Energy saving film for window)

Installing a 2nd generation water cycle greenhouse

2021. 04

Signed MOU of film commercialization

(Barrier & thermal film)

2020. 05

Acquired the certificate of venture company Supported agricultural food product venture companies Developed water cycle chromic facade Selected as SKC Startup Plus

2019. 11

Established a research institute

2019 Before establishment

2019 Before establishment

Selected as Credit Guarantee Fund Startup-NEST
Selected as Prep Enterpreneur of Agricultural Food Produc